Special: One-of-a-kind "special J-D green" FM 60 available for $3,875. Contact us to inquire.

Mower Blades

Medium Lift Blade

This is our standard blade that comes with every Fence Mower. The blade gives a smooth finish under your fence and discharges cuttings to the rear of the mower.

Brush Removal Blade

The brush removal blade is a flat design to allow the blade to cut through heavy and stocky brush. The blade can handle saplings up to 1 ½” in diameter. Stocky brush and saplings often act like a fence post, which causes the swing arm to retreat. If this occurs, merely stop the tractor and move slowly in reverse. The medium lift blade is recommended for subsequent mowing.

Dirt Removal Attachment

A dirt removal bar can be attached to the brush removal blade to knock down a ridge line of dirt under a fence line.  The medium lift blade is recommended for subsequent mowing. Not compatible with the Medium Lift Blade due to mounting requirements.


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