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About Us

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Wright Fence Mower, LLC designs and manufactures innovative agricultural equipment that solves unique challenges. We are focused solely on the fence row maintenance niche.

The first Fence Mower was developed in 2004. After extensive testing, design improvements, and demonstrations, we incorporated and applied for patents. The first fence mower was introduced at the Sunbelt Expo in Moultrie, Georgia in October 2005.

Since then the fence mower has gained wide acceptance and the company has grown to where there are fence mowers in 44 states in the United States as well as France, Germany, South America, and Canada. 

Our philosophy is to provide our customers with a product having the best design, engineering, and technology. Our products are sold direct from the factory to the customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fences can I use the Fence Mower on?

The Fence Mower can be used with metal t-posts, pipe posts, or wood posts.

The posts should be in the ground securely because the post is what causes the mower to swing back.

We suggest walking a section of your fence line to test the stability of your posts.

The Fence Mower will not work with small diameter poly posts or rebar type posts.

The bottom wire, board, or pipe should be at least 7 inches from the ground for clearance.

How does the Fence Mower do with badly overgrown fence lines?

Heavy grass and brush will prevent the mower from returning all the way back out. We suggest placing the Fence Mower only partially under the fence on a first pass, then a few days later, go back over the fence line a second time. 

Once cleared, the Fence Mower can certainly keep the situation from getting out of control with regular use.

Will the Fence Mower work on thick fescue type grass that has built up under my fence?

As the mower height is limited by the bottom wire or rail, the blade is cutting low to the ground.

Heavy fescue type grass has a tendency to wrap around the blade and spindle. Like a badly overgrown fence line, we recommend placing the fence mower only partially under the fence on the first pass. Then go back a second time a few days later. 

Will the Fence Mower work on an upward incline?

If the incline is mild, yes. In such situations, place spacers on the left trailing wheel until it provides support and reduces the tilt of the fence mower. This assists the top deck in returning all the way back.

How is the Fence Mower shipped?

We ship anywhere in the continental US. For delivery information, please click here.

Can I add an additional blade to my order?

Yes! If you are ordering the FM30 or FM60, we can include additional blades at no extra shipping charge. Add a blade to your order or contact us if you have already placed your order.

Is the manual available online?

Download the manual by clicking here.